Sergei Dubovsky

October 22, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Title: “Integrability from Confinement” Abstract: I will argue that high energy dynamics on the worldsheet of confining strings is integrable and illustrate this point using two examples. The first is a pure Yang—Mills theory in two spatial dimensions. There this logic allows one to obtain a prediction for quantum numbers of all glueballs. I will present results of a dedicated lattice simulation which confirm this prediction. The second example is an adjoint QCD in one spatial dimension. There this logic leads to a “zigzag model”—a remarkably simple novel integrable relativistic $N$-body system. I will prove the Liouville integrability of the zigzag model by presenting an explicit construction of the corresponding conserved charges. This model describes the $N$-particle subsector of a $Tbar{T}$-deformed massless fermion and suggests a natural setting for constructing off-shell observables in $Tbar{T}$-deformed theories.

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