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Quantum field theory is the underlying theoretical framework by which we understand particle physics, string theory, and certain aspects of condensed matter systems. While it is, by now, a well established canonical field in physics, novel developments during the last couple of years have led to original and stimulating progress in our understanding of quantum field theory both at a fundamental level as well as from a more applicative viewpoint. In this school, leading experts will provide an exposition of the most recent developments in the field which will allow students to delve into current research topics.

Topics to be covered include: dualities and phases of supersymmetric gauge theories, N=2 supersymmetric theories, integrability and localization, the conformal bootstrap program, on-shell amplitudes, Chern Simons matter (vector) theories, and trace anomalies.


Ofer Aharony (Weizmann)

Joseph Minahan (Uppsala)

Leonardo Rastelli (Stony Brook)

Adam Schwimmer (Weizmann)

Nathan Seiberg (IAS Princeton)

Amit Sever (IAS Princeton)


Oren Bergman, Technion (bergman@physics.technion.ac.il)

Gilad Lifschytz, Haifa University (giladl@research.haifa.ac.il)

Amos Yarom, Technion (ayarom@physics.technion.ac.il)


Technion Department of Physics,
Haifa, Israel