List of Speakers and Titles

  1. Dan Arovas, UCSD, Integer characterization of topological phases at fi nite temperature using Uhlmann’s parallel transport.
  2. Oded Kenneth, Technion, Braiding fluxes in Pauli Hamiltonian.
  3. Joel Moore, UC Berkeley, Quantum transport in 1D and the anomalous Hall effect in 2D.
  4. Israel Klich, U of Virginia, Spin jam and exotic entropy scaling in a frustrated magnet: A tiling based proof.
  5. Netanel Lindner, Technion, TBA
  6. Nandini Trivedi, Ohio State U, Dynamical conductivity and spectral functions across the disorder-tuned superconductor-insulator transition.
  7. Danny Sherman (Frydman), Bar Ilan, Collective modes in disordered superconductors.
  8. Snir Gazit (Auerbach), Technion, Recent results on O(2) Quantum Criticality.
  9. Amit Kanigel, Technion Anti-ferromagetic correlations in SrCuO2Cl2.
  10. Yigal Meir, Ben Gurion U, The superconductor – insulator transition: percolation vs. BKT transition.
  11. Yuval Oreg, Weizmann, Non-Abelian topological insulators from an array of quantum wires.
  12. Eugene Demler, Harvard University, Quasiparticle theory of resonant XRay scattering in cuprates.
  13. Maciej Koch-Janusz (Stern), Weizmann, Interacting and fractional topological insulators via the Z2 chiral anomaly.
  14. Itamar Kimchi (Moore), UC Berkeley, Model Hamiltonian for 3D-Li2IrO3: 3D Kitaev spin liquid, magnetic orders and an in nite-D approximation.
  15. Efrat Shimshoni, Bar Ilan, Superfluid-Insulator transition of quantum Hall domain walls in bilayer graphene.
  16. Gil Drachuck (Keren), Technion, Spin-charge interplay in antiferromagnetic LSCO.
  17. David Ellis (Keren), Technion, Testing the relations between Tc and the super-exchange J in cuprates by RIXS.
  18. Joe Imry, Weizmann, Scale-dependent renormalized interactions and anti-Meissner effect in nano-superconductors.
  19. Mohit Randeria Ohio State U, Skyrmions in 2D Chiral Magnets.
  20. Immanuel Bloch, MPI Garching, From topological Bloch bands to novel spin models: new setups and probes for quantum many-body systems.
  21. Emil Polturak, Technion, Listening to sounds of solid He.
  22. Daniel Podolsky, Technion, Gapped excitations in a quantum solid.
  23. Subroto Mukerjee, IIS, India, Integrability to chaos in one dimensional quantum systems: Perspectives from transport and energy level statistics.
  24. Sid Parameswaran, UC Berkeley, Probing the chiral anomaly in Weyl/Dirac Semimetals.
  25. Arijeet Pal (Sachdev), Harvard University, Many-body localization in a mean- field model for spin-glass.
  26. Yuval Vinkler (Schiller), Hebrew U, From thermal equilibrium to nonequilibrium quench dynamics: A conserving approximation for the interacting resonant-level.
  27. Andrea Cavalleri, MPI and Oxford U, Optical Control in High Tc Superconductors.
  28. Dganit Meidan, BGU, A scattering matrix formulation of the topological index of interacting fermions in one-dimensional superconductors.
  29. Jonathan Ruhman (Altman), Topological states in one-dimensional Fermi gases with spin-orbit coupling.
  30. Louis Seabra (Lindner), From solitons to Majorana bound states in a one-dimensional interacting model.
  31. Duncan Haldane, Princeton University, CM Seminar: 3D Topological metals, 2D surface Fermi arcs and cancelation of the chiral magnetic e ffect.
  32. Hadar Steinberg, Hebrew U, Electronic transport in graphene-topological insulator hybrid devices.
  33. Jason Alicea, Caltech, Revealing topological superconductivity in quantum spin Hall Josephson junctions.
  34. Assa Auerbach, TBA
  35. Dror Orgad, Hebrew U, Transverse Thermoelectric Response of an Interacting Quasi-One-Dimensional Electronic System in a Magnetic Field.
  36. Yoram Dagan, Tel Aviv U, Oxide interface based quantum wires.
  37. Gideon Wachtel (Orgad), Hebrew U, The Role of the Core Energy in the Vortex Nernst Effect .
  38. Yoni  Schattner (Orgad), Weizmann,Superconductivity near a nematic quantum critical point.
  39. Nimrod Bachar (Duetscher), Tel Aviv U, Nano Scale Granular Aluminum: Enhanced superconductivity in the presence of strong spin scattering.
  40. Haim Arbel (Oreg), Weizmann, Time-Reversal Invariant Topological Superconductivity Induced by Repulsive Interactions in Quantum Wires.
  41. Eytan Grosfeld, BGU, Majorana fermions in the superconducting qubit architecture.
  42. Ehud Altman, Weizmann, Universal quantum dynamics in many-body localized states and the many-body localization transition.
  43. Vadim Oganesyan, CUNY, New York, Singular paramagnetism of topological insulator surfaces.
  44. Gergely Zarand , Budapest U, Mott skyrmions: Stabilizing the false vacuum.
  45. Moshe Goldstein, Tel Aviv U, Suppression of interference in quantum Hall Mach-Zehnder geometry by upstream neutral modes.
  46. Lukas Fidkowski, SUNY Stony Brook, Stability of Topological Superconductors to Interactions and Surface Topological Order.