Gravitational Waves  and  Compact Objects


Morning Session
8:50-9:00 Gathering
9:00-9:35 Tsvi Piran EM counterparts of gravitational waves signals from neutron star mergers
9:35-10:10 Jeff Steinhauer Observation of quantum Hawking radiation and its entanglement in an analogue black hole
10:10-11:45 Dan Maoz Local double white dwarfs and their GW-driven merger rate.
11:45-11:15 Coffee break
11:15-11:50 Ely Kovetz The LIGO Discovery and Massive Compact Dark Matter
11:50-12:25 Kenta Hotokezaka Numerical relativity simulation of coalescing neutron star binaries
12:25-13:00 Harald Pfeiffer Applications of binary black hole simulations
13:00-14:30 Lunch
Afternoon Session
14:30-15:30 Barry Barish LIGO: Detection of Gravitational Waves, their Implications and future Prospects
15:30-16:05 Ofek Birnholtz Modeled searches for Compact Binary Coallescences in LIGO data
16:05-16:25 Coffee break
16:25-17:00 Tal Alexander The relativistic loss-cone around a massive black hole
17:00-17:35 Hagai Perets Novel channels for production of GW sources and electromagnetic counterparts: from natal kicks to massive black holes