My name is Amit Keren. I did my bachelor degree at Tel Aviv university, MSc and Ph.D. at Columbia university New York USA, and post doc at Paris XI France. I got a job at the Technion in 1997. My return from the post doc to the Technion was filmed for Israeli television (see movie below). I have been at the Technion since then apart from a sabbatical year in Oxford. My main research areas are superconductivity and magnetism and the relation between them. My research is experimental and uses both table top experiments as well as large scale facilities such as nuclear reactors and particle accelerators. I teach undergraduate courses such as “quantum mechanics 1”, “statistical and thermal physics”, “solid state 1” and “wave mechanics”. Occasionally I teach graduate courses such as: “experimental techniques in solid state” and “solid state 2”. Several students graduated from my group and are now working in high tech industries or as scientists.

Movie: Returning