First year

These are the mandatory courses for the first semester. The study program in this semester is the same for everybody – also for students in the Physics program as for the Physics-Mathematics program. Of course you may add courses if you want. Please notice that in addition to the classes there will be “enrichment meetings” on Mondays at 6:30 pm (these meetings will take place every week or every other week). The enrollment to all the courses, but the Laboratory (114020), must be done through the Technion Enrollment website. *044102 Safety in Electric Laboratory 104001 Integral calculus methods 104195 Infinitesimal calculus 104167 Algebra A 114074 Physics 1P 114020 Physics Laboratory 1M 234112 Introduction to C programming 394800 Sports

Second year

The study programs for you are the recommended program for Physics or the Physics-Mathematics program. Students in the Physics program will take also Infinitesimal Mathematics (also known as Infi 3 – 104282) and differential equations: 104285. . In addition all of you are requested to do during the year (winter or spring semesters) a research project 4.5 points (course N 114229) – theoretical or experimental as you may choose. We advise you to speak with researchers (and their students) in the Faculty about possible projects. Then consult with us and Yulia or Jorge before you choose the final project. “Enrichment meetings” will take place on Mondays at 6:30 pm. Part of the meeting will be for all the students of the Honors Program, while others will be only for first year students (The meetings will take place every two-three weeks).