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Theoretical Particle Physics

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Are there new fundamental particles beyond the known quarks, leptons and gauge bosons? Are these known particles indeed fundamental? What sets the mass-scale of the Higgs? Why is the weak force so much stronger than gravity? Why is the electron so much lighter than the tau? What is dark matter made of? Are bosons and fermions related by an (approximate) symmetry—supersymmetry?

These are the fundamental questions driving our research.

Some of the answers may be unveiled by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, and we have a close collaboration with the Technion ATLAS group.

In addition to the LHC experiments, which are expected to take data over the next decade, and to possible future colliders, other hints may come from precision experiments probing the properties of the quarks and leptons, as well as from experiments searching for dark-matter, neutrino telescopes, and different measurements of the cosmological properties of the Universe.


Dr. Teppei Kitahara

Dr. Gauthier Durieux


Yaniv Weiss (PhD)

Former postdocs:

Dr. Sho Iwamoto

Dr. Gabriel Lee

Former students:

Iftah Galon (PhD)

Andrey Katz (PhD)

Niv Ierushalmi (MSc)

Vera Nepomnyashy (MSc)

Ofri Telem (MSc)

Peter Szabo (MSc)

Yehonathan Segev (MSc)