Cosmic Clues from the Near Field Universe

5-9, June 2016

a research workshop of the Israel Science Foundation



The Cosmic Clues from the Near Field Universe workshop will focus on the study of the local universe within the observational and computational framework of the near field cosmology. Observations and simulations of the local universe are analyzed as probes of the standard model of cosmology and of theories and models of structure formation. The workshop’s main theme is what does the our local cosmic neighborhood tell us about the universe at large and it will be addressed mostly by means of constrained simulations of the local universe. Some of the issues to be studied are: 1. The structure and formation of the Local Group; 2. The local cosmic web; 3. The local flow field; 4. Improved methodology of constrained simulations; 5. Current and upcoming peculiar velocity datasets.

Organizing committee:

Helene Courtois (university of Lyon),

Stefan Gottloeber (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics, Potsdam),

Yehuda Hoffman (Hebrew University),

Adi Nusser (Technion),

Brent Tully (Institute of Astronomy, University of Hawaii),

Gustavo Yepes (Universidad Autonoma De Madrid)


Avital Rosenthal :

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