Cosmic Clues from the Near Field Universe

5-9, June 2016

a research workshop of the Israel Science Foundation



The basic structure of the meeting is to have 4-5 talks in the morning sessions (09:00 – 13:00) and to keep the afternoons for discussions and collaborative work. Speakers will have 30’ for their talks, including discussions. We have ample time for discussions and more talks if the need will arise.
This is a true workshop and the aim of the talks is to update us all on new works, advances and ideas. Also, we have quite a few first time participants in our CLUES group meetings and we are
very happy to have you. Please aim your talks at introducing your work to us and we hope that this will lead to new joint projects.

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Sunday: Reionization 

Paul Shapiro: Cosmic Dawn (CoDa): Radiation-Hydrodynamical Simulations
Keri Dixon: Reionization in the Local Group
David Valls-Gabaud: The MESSIER satellite
Arianna Di Cintio: Ultra Diffuse Galaxies: a formation scenario

Monday: CLUES I 

Jenny Sorce: How did the Virgo cluster form?
Edoardo Carlesi: The Local Group Factory
Brent Tully: CosmicFlows3
Romain Graziani: Mock catalogs for CosmicFlows3

Brent Tully is the Technion Distinguished Lecturer of 2016. Here is Brent’s schedule:

Colloquium: Laniakea, Our Home Supercluster of Galaxies (Mon. June 6, 14:30)
Astrophysics Seminar:  Galaxy Groups (Wed. June 8, 14:30)

Tuesday: CLUES II 

Sergey Pilipenko: Refinement techniques for increasing the resolution
Chris Brook: CLUES in dust: combining GRASIL-3D to CLUES simulations to explore dust in nearby dwarfs
Klaus Dolag: The Magneticum Simulations, from Galaxies to Galaxy Clusters
Noam Libeskind: The distribution of satellite galaxies
Andrea Macciò: The NIHAO simulations suite and the local volume velocity function

Wednesday: Cosmic Web

Elmo Tempel: Bisous model — tracing the cosmic web
Andreas Faltenbacher: Lagrangian Methods Of Cosmic Web Classification
Maxim Tkachev: Dark matter halo modeling
Mario Abadi: Simulated Barred Galaxies in the ΛCDM model
Aura Obreja: How to form thin disks


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