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How to get to our lab

Most of the group members as well as the lab are located in the third floor of the Solid State Institute building, which is adjacent to the Lidow Physics building.

Technion Campus Map

Coming with your car

you will need to contact us to arrange an entrance permit for the car. Entering from the main gate of Nave Sha’anan, continue straight up the road, continue straight in the first roundabout, the road will bound left and go downhill before reaching a roundabout called “Louis Square”. Here you take left and find a parking spot (not easy!). The building will be to your left.

Coming with public transportation

The most convenient way to reach Haifa is by train. Alternatively, take the bus 940 from Jerusalem, or 921 from Tel Aviv. If coming by train, get off at Hof Ha’Carmel station. From there you can either take a taxi to the campus (about 50 Shekels), or continue with a bus. It is a 5 minute walking to the central bus station called Merkazit Hof Ha’Carmel, where you should take line 11 that goes directly to the Technion. Line 11 runs every 30 minutes in the morning and the afternoon, but only once every hour at midday. If this is the case, you may be better taking line 123 to Ziv Centre, and from there take one of the frequent lines 11,17,19,31,76,77 into the campus. Getting from Tel Aviv to the Technion normally takes around 1:30-2:00 hours. More information (in hebrew) can be found here.

contact information of Dr Yoav Sagi: yoav.sagi[AT]physics.technion.ac.il