David L. Blank (Univ. of Virginia) Master 1989

Seyfert Galaxy Evolution.

  Philip C. Plait (Univ. of Virginia) Master 1990:

 The Electron Density Profile of the Planetary Nebula NGC 6826.   

  Essam Zoabi PhD 1998 The Intracluster Medium. 

Muhammad Akashi

Muhammad Akashi PhD 2008 X-Ray Emission From Colliding Winds In Planetary Nebulae. 
Assaf Sternberg Assaf Sternberg PhD 2009 Shaping of Planetary Nebulae and Radio Bubbles in Galaxy Clusters. 

Amit Kashi

Amit Kashi  PhD 2011  The Periastron Passage of the Binary Star Eta Carinae. 
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Marjan Ilkov Marjan Ilkov Master 2012  Common envelope WD-core merger as Type Ia supernova progenitors.
  Michael Rafaelovich  Master 2012  Chains of X-ray deficient bubbles as consequence of vortices fragmentation.
 Liron McLey  Liron McLey Master 2014  Stellar Instability and Intermediate Luminosity Optical Transients (ILOTs) 
Danny Tsebrenko Danny Tsebrenko   Master 2012



PhD 2015

Interaction of Stellar Winds with Circumstellar Matter.



Interaction of supernova ejecta with asymmetrical circumstellar matter

Papish Oded Oded Papish  PhD 2015 Expel of Gravitationally Bound Mass by Fast Jets from Compact Objects 
Hillel Shlomi Shlomi Hillel  PhD 2016 Dynamics of Clumps in the Intracluster Medium
Avishai Gilkis 

Master 2012

PhD  2016

 Heating of the ICM by jets through mixing and inflation of bubbles.



Intermittent Accretion Disk Production in Core Collapse Supernovae

 Efrat Sabach Efrat Sabach 

Master 2013

PhD 2018

 Transient Events from a Core-WD Merger

Mass Transfer in Stellar Binary Systems Resulting in Peculiar Objects

Sagiv Shiber  PhD 2019

The Role of Energetic Jets in Late Stages of Stellar Evolution

Naveh Levanon PhD 2019 Evolution, Merging and Explosion of Degenerate Stars as Type Ia Supernovae
Roni Gofman  Master 2020 Energizing Supernovae by a Central Engine
Noa Kaplan Master 2020 Energizing Supernovae and their Light Curves with Jets
Aldana Grichener