Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae 6 (November 2013)

Written by Noam Soker on . Posted in News

Participants in the Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae VI meeting, Mexico 2013The Asymmetrical Planetary Nebula 6 (APN VI)  meeting was held in Mexico, November 2013. The first meeting in this series took place in Oranim College in Israel, summer 1994. The talks and discussions of the meting are on Youtube.

One of the points I raised there (a one-minute video) is that sometimes the prediction of a model is so simple and clear, that it is simply ignored. Such is the prediction of the binary-model for the formation of bipolar nebulae. The prediction is that bipolar nebulae are formed by binary interaction, and hence binary system exists (unless it merged) within the bipolar nebula. This was the case with Eta Carinae, as I discussed there.