The jittering-jets model for core collapse supernova explosion (December 2013)

Written by Noam Soker on . Posted in News

zfigureSokerMy PhD student Oded Papish and I studied the flow structure in the jittering-jets explosion model of core-collapse supernovae (CCSNe) using 2.5D hydrodynamical simulations. We find that some basic requirements for explosion are met by the flow. In the jittering-jets model jets are launched by intermittent accretion disk around the newly born neutron star and in stochastic directions. They deposit their kinetic energy inside the collapsing core and induce explosion by ejecting the outer core. The accretion and launching of jets is operated by a feedback mechanism: when the jets manage to eject the core, the accretion stops. No energy deposited by neutrino is required.  We find our results to strengthen the jittering-jets model as explosion mechanism for all CCSNe.

The paper “Exploding core-collapse Supernovae by jets-driven feedback mechanism” is published by the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.