A binary model for the large outburst of SN2009ip (August 2013)

Written by Noam Soker on . Posted in News

There is an ongoing debate regarding the nature of the SN impostor SN 2009ip and the several outbursts that followed its 2009 eruption (see post below from December 2012). Most controversial is the nature of the 2012b outburst, with three main types of scenarios: SN explosion, non-terminal single star eruption, and a binary interaction. Recently we further developed the binary model. In Tsebrenko & Soker (2013) we show that high-velocity ejecta with 10,000 km/s in the outbursts of the 2009ip and similar luminous blue variable (LBV) stars can be explained by the interaction of fast jets, having velocity of 2000-3000 km/s, with a circumbinary shell (extended envelope).  In Kashi, Soker & Moskovitz (2013) we propose that the major 2012b outburst of the supernova impostor SN 2009ip was powered by an extended and repeated interaction between the Luminous Blue Variable (LBV) and a more compact companion.