Curriculum Vitae

Joseph (Yosi) Avron

Date and place of birth: 1948, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Citizenship: Israel

Status:  Married to Gabriela, father to Maayan, Jonathan and Yoav

Academic degrees:

B.Sc. Technion (1970)

D.Sc. Technion (1976)

Academic positions:

Chair, Department of physics, 2007-; Professor, Technion, IIT 1988-; Visiting Assoc. Prof., Caltech, Pasadena 1987-1989; Associate Professor, Technion, IIT 1983-1988; Senior Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology 1982; Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, Caltech 1980-1982; Assistant Professor, Princeton (on leave) 1980-1981; Senior Research Fellow, Technion, Haifa 1979; Research Fellow, Technion, Haifa 1978; Research Scientist, Nuclear Research Center Negev 1975-1978; Wigner Fellow, Princeton University 1976-1977

Research interest:

I do reserach in “quantum engineering”: application of the quantum mechanics.  I do theory, and like to use elegant mathematics geometry,and animations.