Topics of current interest

Creating and Imaging Topological Defects

Specific types of spatial defects or potentials can turn monolayer graphene into a topological material.  We propose a way to Read more… »

Quantum Entanglement and Topology

Topological features of condensed matter systems and quantum entanglement are two topics of current physical interest.  Read more… »

Quantum phase transitions – Anomalies

Quantum phase transitions – Anomalies – imageScale invariance is a property of our everyday environment. Its breaking gives rise to less common but beautiful structures like fractals. Read more… »

Statistical mechanics of out of equilibrium systems


The best understood systems in statistical mechanics are those at equilibrium (fixed energy) or in thermal contact with a thermostat.  These  systems  are  well  descri-Read more… »

Topology of tilings

The notion of tilings recover structures also

Statistical mechanics and quantum fields on fractals

Statistical mechanics and quantum fields on fractals – imageFractals define a new realm to study basic phenomena in quantum field theory and statistical mechanics.  This results from speci-Read more… »

Quantum mesoscopic and Casimir physics

Quantum mesoscopic physics – imageQuantum coherent effects are usually washed up at a macroscopic scale. De­co­her­ence originates from disorder, temperature, external couplings, etc.  But  carefully  prepa- Read more… »

Cooperative effects and superradiance

Cooperative effects and superradiance – imageSpontaneous emission of an atom coupled to quantum vacuum fluctuations is well un­derstood.    When two or more atoms are bro- Read more… »

Topology and Physics on Mount Carmel

Topology and Physics on Mount Carmel

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