Monday May 22

I – Quantitative Measurements of Outflows

hour Speaker Title  
09:00 M. Guainazzi A global view of AGN winds from sample studies of nearby Seyferts Presentation 
09:50 J. Kaastra AGN Obscurers Presentation
10:30 Coffee Break    
11:10 E. Behar Density profiles of Seyfert Outflows Presentation 
12:00 T. J. Turner Mapping the outflow: new constraints from X-ray data Presentation
12:50 Lunch    
14:30 Physics Colloquium -Demos Kazanas Entropy Production, Phase Transitions and Inflation in the Early Universe: A Personal Perspective  
15:30 Coffee Break    
16:00 M. Crenshaw Kinematics of the Narrow-Line Regions in Nearby AGN based on IFU Observations Presentation
16:50 P. Hall SDSS observations of AGN outflows Presentation

Tuesday May 23

I – Quantitative Measurements of Outflows (continued)

09:00 W. Brandt A Large-Scale Spectroscopic Survey of Quasar Wind Variability Presentation
09:50 N. Arav Distances of quasar outflows  
10:40 Coffee Break    
11:10 F. Hamann Quasar Outflow Properties from UV/Optical Spectroscopy Presentation
12:00 K. Leighly Understanding Broad Absorption Line Quasars  
12:50 Lunch    
Free Afternoon – Trip  

Wednesday May 24  

II – High Velocity Outflows  

09:00 J. Reeves X-ray observations of Ultrafast Outflows Presentation
09:50 F. Tombesi X-ray observations of UFOs and their implications for AGN feedback Presentation 
10:40 Coffee break    
11:10 S. Kaspi High-Velocity Outflows: A 15 years perspective Presentation 
12:00 J. Krolik Outflows from TDEs Presentation 
12:50 Lunch    

III – Modeling – Launch Mechanisms  

14:30 D. Kazanas AGN/XRB warm absorbers: a key to their broader phenomenology (Astro. Seminar) Presentation 
15:30 Coffee break    
16:00 T. Kallman Torus Evaporative Flows as the Origin of Warm Absorbers? Presentation 
16:50 S. Davis Simulations of accretion flows with grey opacities  Presentation

Thursday May 25  

IV – Modeling – Outflow Properties  

09:00  C.-A. Faucher-Giguere  Physics, Observational Signatures, and Consequences of AGN-Driven Galactic Winds  Presentation
 09:50  J. Stern   Constraining the acceleration mechanism of AGN-driven galactic winds using emission line ratios Presentation 
 10:40  Coffee Break    
 11:10  E. Chan       An inflow-outflow model for tori of AGN  Presentation
12:00 K. Fukumura  X-ray spectra of AGN winds from MHD models Presentation
 12:50  Lunch    
 14:00  A. Rozanska    Radiation Pressure and the Absorption Measure Distribution Presentation 
 14:50  A. Laor   On the source of the Broad Line Region Gas, and the Origin of the BAL Outflows Presentation 
 15:40  Coffee Break    
 16:10  D. Proga   Over-ionization and screening of AGN outflows Presentation 

Friday May 26  

V – AGN Feedback  

09:00 R. Mushotzky Is there observational evidence for AGN feedback? presentation
09:50 S. Veilieux  Cool Neutral and Molecular Outflows presentation
10:40 Coffee Break    
11:10 S. Aalto Molecular outflows in AGNs and starbursts Presentation 
12:00 Lunch    
13:00 R. Maiolino Negative and positive AGN feedback Presentation
13:50 H. Netzer Massive outflows and feedback in high redshift AGNs  


14:40 Summary and discussions    
 15:30  Free afternoon